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The Professional Door Association of New England is an officially recognized affiliate chapter of the International Door Association. As fellow members of the garage door industry, we know what you want because we are an extension of who you are. We are dedicated garage door dealers, technicians, industry representatives, and business owners. We have dedicated our lives, our sweat, our tears to this industry. That is why we are doing everything we can to make it better for us and for you.

Join PDA so that together we can achieve the goals set forth by you and your peers. The PDA strives to serve our community by offering Camaraderie, Knowledge, Experience, Technical Training, Professionalism, and so much more. We do this because the more communication and information exchange that we accomplish, the more we all benefit. It is our sincerest hope that we will be able to develop an environment in which we can share our knowledge and best practices for the betterment of all. As with any organization, our success is up to you!

10 Reasons to Join PDA

1. To Support an Association That Fights to Protect Your Interests

We support dealers and vendors in the garage door industry because we also fill those positions. That means we understand the struggles of being successful. When you become a member of PDA, you become an advocate with us for honest business practices in this industry. Together, we can ensure that your garage door business and your employees are protected.

2. Manufacturer’s Coupons with Savings Greater Than the Cost of Your Membership

Although PDA membership does have an annual cost, your consistent savings more than make up for that payment. In particular, we will send you coupons for major manufacturers that you use frequently. That means less overhead on new doors and parts, and more commission for your business.

3. Access to a Dealer Blog to Troubleshoot Difficult Repairs and Installations

When you become a member, we will give you access to a blog written by our garage door experts. This is a resource for up-to-date information on the latest products in the industry, how-to’s for difficult installation jobs, and step-by-step instructions for complex repairs. For every step, we are here to help you become the best garage door dealer in your area.

4. Use of PDA Logo and Promotional Material

Because we are an officially recognized chapter of the IDA, we have the accreditation and history of success necessary to support your business. As a member, your ability to advertise your connection with the PDA will exhibit your trustworthiness to both customers and fellow businesses in the industry.

5. Regular Contact with Newsletters on Events and Industry Code Changes

Here at PDA, our membership doesn’t just involve a fee for the use of our accreditation and no regular support. Instead, we aim to stay in consistent contact with each of our dealers and vendors. To do this, we send out frequent newsletters to update you on upcoming events and changes to garage door industry codes.

6. Invitations to Educational Seminars

Beyond email newsletters to ensure regular contact, we also want to support you face-to-face. That is why we offer educational seminars. During these meetings, we want to meet you and discuss your goals or shortcomings you have found in the industry. Together, we want to learn how to improve the success of both individual business owners and the garage door industry as a whole.

7. PDA Trade Show Discounts

As a member of PDA, you will receive discounts for our biannual PDA Trade Shows. Also, when you are part of our association, you will have inside information into speakers, workshops, and events before the show.

8. Opportunities for Dealer Networking

Beyond creating a connection between you and us, we want to help you meet other dealers and vendors. To facilitate networking, we offer member information, seminars, and our trade show. At all of our events, we encourage you as a garage door dealer or vendor to make relationships that will help your business succeed.

9. Manufacturer’s Product Awareness

As a well-known association, we have cultivated close relationships with major manufacturers all over the country. That means we get insider access and regular updates on new products and technological advancements. We then pass on this new information to you, allowing you to recognize trends in the industry and offer new products as soon as they become available.

10. Fully Updated Listing on Our Website

When you become a PDA member, we will include a full listing of your business on our site. A listing you can link to your own website to prove your integrity and success as a garage door dealer or vendor.

Are you ready to become a member of an association that supports leaders in the garage door industry? Are you ready to become an official member of PDA? Click Join Today to start your membership process!

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